Architectural acoustics

In contrast to room acoustics, which deals with sound propagation within rooms, architectural acoustics deals with sound attenuation in structural elements.

We can provide you with a comprehensive acoustic consultation when planning or refurbishing buildings. First, we define the acoustic target values in cooperation with the architect and the client, and following best practice and other applicable regulations. These may also form the basis for contractual agreements between the client and construction companies.

In collaboration with you, we then develop a component catalogue adapted to the respective requirements. Expensive errors can be avoided by robust acoustic planning. In architectural acoustics, in particular, the costs for retroactive improvements are generally many times higher than for an expert report recommending measures at the planning stage. In many cases retroactive improvements are not possible.

We can carry out confirmation measurements on your behalf during construction and monitor execution quality. Faults can be quickly identified and eradicated with targeted measurements on the carcass. This process is almost always considerably more economical than expensive retroactive improvements after finishing.

Following completion we of course carry out acceptance measurements to demonstrate that contractually agreed requirements have been met.

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