Expert reports

In order for government agencies or courts of law to arrive at decisions, they need reliable baseline data, testable by third parties. In addition, our results, and any solutions agreed with you, must be recorded in writing. This is generally done in acoustic expert reports, measurement reports or statements.

An expert report or measurement report must be unambiguous and understandable by third parties without further explanations. This makes it necessary for us to provide a comprehensive description of our procedure, all relevant facts and the analysis procedures and equipment used, as well as the environmental conditions.
A statement generally presents these results without being completely understandable by all. It is therefore generally insufficient, e.g. in procedures involving public participation.

Our work delivers reliable foundations to base decisions on, even in difficult disputed cases.

Often, the costs for an expert planning report are regarded as an enforced and unnecessary expense. However, with robust planning cost-intensive retroactive improvements can be avoided. The costs for retroactive improvements are generally many times higher than for an expert planning report. In addition, retroactive improvements are impossible in many cases.

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