Noise measurement

We have extensive experience in acoustic metrology (noise measurements), and a modern and versatile selection of equipment. Our standard tasks include:

  • Sound emission and immission measurements on noise sources of all kinds, for example:
    • commercial operations and facilities (TA Lärm),
    • recreational facilities, e.g. open-air concerts (Freizeitlärm-Richtlinie),
    • wind turbines (FGW Guideline, IEC 61400-11),
    • building sites (AVV Baulärm),
    • noise in the workplace (Lärmkataster),
    • transport routes (DIN 45642). Note: According to the applicable regulations traffic noise should always be analysed.
  • Measurements on structural elements used to isolate airborne and impact noise in buildings within the framework of quality testing compliant with DIN 4109,
  • Measurement of installation noises in buildings,
  • Measurement of reverberation times (ISO 3382) in rooms of all kinds,
  • Determination of other room acoustics parameters (audibility, strength, clarity, intelligibility, etc.).

In acoustics, nothing is usually ‘standard’. Please talk to us about your specific problem.

Geraeuschmessung im Gewerbegebiet