Room acoustics

Room acoustic concepts for all types of rooms

In contrast to architectural acoustics, which deals with sound transmission through structural elements, room acoustics deals with sound propagation within rooms.

We compile room acoustic concepts for all types of rooms (offices, schools, multi-purpose facilities, churches, meeting rooms, auditoriums, etc.). In the first step we define the acoustic target values (e.g. reverberation period, intelligibility, etc.), in cooperation with the architect and the client, and following best practice and other applicable regulations. These may also form the basis for contractual agreements between the client and construction companies.

We record the as-is situation, if possible by measurements, compile analysis models and develop solutions for achieving the target values in close collaboration with you.

We are aware that when designing an auditorium, acoustics is only one aspect. This is why we are happy to work to your design specifications. However, you can’t fool physics. In the following audio samples you can listen to a speaker in an auditorium with 3 s reverberation time and in one with 1 s reverberation time. You decide which speaker you can understand better:

Audio sample in a reverberant room with three seconds reverberation time (3.44 MB)

Audio sample in an insulated room with one second reverberation time (3.28 MB)

The sound difference is most pronounced if you use a loudspeaker or earphones.

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Wir erarbeiten raumakustische Konzepte für Räume aller Art