Sound control measures

We will compile tailor-made sound control measures for your noise problem. Here, we collaborate with you to sound out the technical and economical boundary conditions. We are happy to compile comprehensive noise remediation concepts for you and determine the effectiveness of individual measures.

We are available to communicate and present the planned measures to affected residents, neighbours or government agencies.

Among other things, our standard tasks include:

  • sound control measures for mechanical, electrical and plumbing services,
  • control of installation noises,
  • dimensioning of soundproofed ventilation systems,
  • control of structure-borne sound, airborne sound or impact sound within buildings,
  • dimensioning of silencers, encapsulations and housings,
  • sound control certificates compliant with DIN 4109 – Schallschutz im Hochbau,
  • sound control measures for industrial installations of all kinds,
  • design, selection and optimisation of absorbers to reduce the sound level in rooms,
  • dimensioning of noise barriers or walls (active sound control) at sound sources or protected uses,
  • dimensioning of external facades with doors, windows, etc. (passive sound control) for protecting residential and similar rooms against external noise sources.

The sound attenuation of structural elements decreases with frequency. Sound control measures against low-frequency noises, e.g. music noise, are therefore often a particularly complex task.

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