Sound immission control

Sound immission control predominantly deals with sound propagation problems in the open.
To protect against unreasonable noise the legislature has issued separate regulations for the different types of noise, such as:

  • road and rail traffic,
  • commercial and industrial facilities,
  • wind turbines,
  • firing ranges,
  • recreational or sports facilities,
  • building sites and
  • workplaces,

for example.

In terms of sound immission control we compile sound propagation and immission forecasts for licensing and land-use procedures, and planning approval procedures, etc. If required, we compile suitable sound control measures in collaboration with you, the client, and examine their effectiveness. We measure noise emissions and noise immissions. We explain the results thoroughly to you and describe them in acoustics statements or expert reports.

For computer-aided forecasts of sound immissions we use the industry-recognised Datakustik software CadnaA.

We measure the acoustic properties of wind turbines, compile forecast analyses and advise you during planning and in the compilation of the acoustic-related content of agreements. In addition to this, we analyse the shadow flicker of planned and existing wind turbines.

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