Noise and shadow flicker in wind turbines

Even in the early days of wind energy, in the early 1990s, we were surveying wind turbines. Sound immission control on wind turbines is a special focus of our consultancy. We are a member of Fördergesellschaft Windenergie e. V. and of the Wind Turbine Noise Working Group responsible for the Technical Guideline for Determining the Sound Emission Values of Wind Turbines. Here, we are involved in the round-robin tests for the IEC 61400-11 ed. 3, which comes into force at the end of 2015.

We perform sound immission measurements on wind turbines compliant with standards (FGW Guideline, IEC 61400-11). We also have extensive experience measuring the noise produced by wind turbines in residential buildings. As a result of the high level of wind-related interference noise, these measurements are often highly complex.

The planning of wind turbines is characterised by increasingly difficult framework conditions. The legal situation is confused by court decisions and different approaches in the separate German states. Our experience is that projects can no longer be implemented using ‘off-the-shelf’ expert reports.

We have a broad swathe of experience in the forecasting of noise immissions and shadow flicker from wind turbines. When planning your investments in the millions you can rely on us for comprehensive, best-practice advice.

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